Cleveland Montessori has unique programs for children from preschool to middle school designed to develop a life-long love of learning.


Pre-K Class

In this critical stage of development, children have an unusual sensitivity and ability to absorb from their environment. They enjoy being challenged – and can concentrate for long periods of time. Read more >> 


Elementary Class

Every 6-year-old loves a story. Dr. Montessori prepared the “Great Lessons” to inspire wonder and investigation through the telling of five stories. First year elementary students begin by hearing “The Story of the Universe.” As children ponder the story, questions create more questions. I wonder how many solar systems there are. I wonder how the volcanoes cooled. I wonder…. Read more >>


Middle School Class

Our adolescent program is a challenging academic program. It combines the didactic lessons of the core subject areas with the Montessori ideals and “pedagogy of place” curriculum. Read more >>


What are the Classroom Environments Like?

What are the Classroom Age Ranges