Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd Program

Dr. Montessori observed that young children naturally desire to feed their spirit. Even from the earliest age, children eagerly seek religious experience in its deepest, most essential elements, without “childish” overtones. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd offers the child an opportunity to develop their personal relationship with God through hands on materials that allow exploration and meditation on New Testament scripture and essential elements of the Catholic faith.

Cleveland Montessori offers the “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” as a way to nurture this desire for God. Hundreds of Catholic and Protestant churches and schools in more than 35 countries around the world have been providing this program since its origins in 1954.

The Good Shepherd program is central to the identity and mission of Cleveland Montessori with its roots in the Parish of Holy Rosary.

The Good Shepherd program is available to any family choosing to have their child receive lessons and use the Good Shepherd materials in the classroom atrium. While participation in the Good Shepherd program is not mandatory, all students will be exposed to the Good Shepherd program in some form, simply by its presence in the classroom and freedom to use the materials throughout the daily work cycle.

Throughout the year, several all-school events are celebrated by the entire community — including Advent Sharing before Christmas, the Seder Meal during Passover and the Liturgy of the Light during the Easter season. All students present participate in these celebrations.

Parents may choose to have their child attend a monthly Children’s Liturgy at Holy Rosary Church during the school day. Elementary and Middle School students help plan the mass, write the prayers, act as greeters, readers and servers (acolytes) and prepare the artwork for the mass program.