Terri’s life has been blessed by children in some capacity since her early teens. From camp counselor to childcare provider to nanny to teacher, Terri has discovered the child’s world from birth to late teens.

It was becoming a nanny that brought Montessori into her life. When the first of three brothers began the primary program, she became intrigued, wanting to know more. What is Montessori? Terri began reading books; “The Discovery of the Child,” “Montessori: Her Life and Work,” and “The Absorbent Mind.” As each of the boys began and continued on with their Montessori education her curiosity grew. A love of learning, pride, contentment and energy is what each boy exuded. “I did it myself. I researched it myself. Can I help with … ” would be heard many times over. Terri kept reading and began volunteering at the boy’s school. All of her questions were answered. The time came for the family to relocate. A new career began; the school was opening a Toddler Community and was in need of an assistant teacher.

During summer breaks, Terri explored Montessori training. In 2008, she completed her AMI Assistance to Infancy diploma with a M.Ed. from Loyola University following in 2010. Her family has said many times; “Terri is a lifelong student.” She also earned a B.A. in psychology from Ursuline College in 1992 and an M.A. from John Carroll University in 1995.

Terri joined the MSHR team in February 2010, after subbing for six months prior. She could not ask for a better work family; “we care for each and believe in a common principle; guiding children to independence and self discovery.”

Terri finds that every day is a gift and a time to learn and find joy. She enjoys reading, cooking, crafts and anything outdoors especially sports, gardening and travel. She has been married since 1996 to a remarkable man; Robert.