All children can explode into learning

– Maria Montessori

All children can explode into learning.

– Maria Montessori

Cleveland Montessori Programs

Cleveland Montessori has unique programs for children from preschool to middle school designed to develop a life-long love of learning.


2.5 years – K


1st – 5th grade


6th – 8th grade


All Ages


All Ages


All Ages


All Ages

What are the Classroom Environments Like?

What are the Classroom Age Ranges?

Primary: 2.5 years – 6 years

The goals at the Primary Level are to support the development of:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Coordination
  • Concentration
  • Independence
  • Social Experience
  • Academic Skills


The goals at the Elementary Level are to support the development of:

  • The Reasoning Mind
  • Social Justice
  • Concrete to Abstract Understanding
  • Academic Mastery


At the Middle School Level the program focuses on:

  • Working: Physical labor integrated with academic work
  • Expressing Oneself: Art, music, creative arts, crafts, drama, public performance, writing & speaking
  • Relating to Adults: Maintaining respectful positive, relationships with adults
  • Building Community and Relating to Peers: Assuming a participatory and responsible role within the community, group problem solving, cooperative activities, conflict resolution
  • Developing Personal Identity: Developing positive and separate identity, time spent away from parents and urban areas, time to reflect, journal writing, clarification of values
  • Developing the Intellect: Academic challenge, exploration of skills, reading excellent literature, seminars, science experiments and projects, applied mathematics, research
  • Developing Business Skills: Real work experience in the community, entrepreneurial activities
  • Participating in the Adult World Exploring natural and man-made environment, camping, land activities, gardening, real-world field experiences
  • Assuming Responsibility: Creating and maintaining the environment, student planning of activities
  • Serving Others: Caring and sharing with older people, giving service to others in the community, working with younger children

Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd curriculum provides:

  • Faith foundation
  • Opportunities for children to develop their relationship with God
  • Option for families who desire religious participation
  • Individual spiritual development

Before / After / Enrichment

Our Before, After, and Enrichment programs include:

  • Before Care Program (Additional registration and fee)
  • After Care Programs (Additional registration and fees)
  • After School Club Activities (Additional registration and fees)
  • Academic Learning Support and Enrichment (Tutoring, Foreign Language, Service)

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